• This year we hosted a summer workshop! We had a lot of fun teaching people about FIRST!

Outreach Workshop-Driving

June 14, 2020

We explained to the students what FIRST and FTC is all about.  We showed them a PowerPoint presentation and explained what the buttons on the controllers do. We let the students practice using the controllers to move the different parts of the robot. Next, we did a quiz in the form of a game. After the game, we let two practice diving the robot and the other two we showed videos of what the real matches were like from our prior season. Then we had the students switch. We went on to have a 5 min competition where the students were in teams of two and tried to stack the most blocks with the robot. Two of the Sensational Seven teammates demonstrated a full match. Finally, we had the students design an obstacle course and compete to see who got the fastest time. We ended the workshop by giving the winners candy.

Outreach Workshop: Building

June 17, 2020

We presented our powerpoint and talked about the types of pieces and different types of drivetrains. After the presentation we played a game where we called out the name of a piece and the kids had to find the right piece and hold it up. Then we had the kids split into two teams of two and build a base with instructions. Whoever won got candy. We also helped the teams figure out how to connect the pieces to build the robot. We ended the workshop by giving out the candy to the winning team.

Outreach Workshop: Programming

June 19, 2020

We taught the participants how to make a TeleOp and a simple autonomous program using blocks. We introduced them to sensors, including distance, color, and push sensors. The teams split up and wrote a time-based program that made the robot go forwards, backwards, turn. Then they added a distance sensor block. After successfully completing the first task, the participants debugged a program we purposely wrote with mistakes. They kids learned a lot and met all the goals we had for them!

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