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Designing. Creating. Taking Chances

Way back in 2018 before the world got really crazy and COVID took over, Sensational 7 Robotics was born. The original team was comprised of seven homeschoolers and a husband/wife team as our coaches. The S7 logo is our favorite part of the team’s shirts, but there is a motto written on the back that encompasses what we do:

Designing. Creating. Taking Chances.

We have learned so much these last few years about the engineering process, public speaking, networking, and team work. Our coaches stretch us every year by giving us new challenges and goals to work towards. This season we are focusing on the “Designing” part of our motto.

Using tutorial videos on YouTube created by FTC team Primitive Data, we have all almost mastered taking ideas from our mind and designing them in Fusion 360 (a CAD software). Here are some of our designs for this year’s robot.

After our members design their ideas in Fusion 360 at home, we come to our meeting prepared to build the prototypes. Here is what we have built so far…

There is a lot more hard work left to do! Thank you to FTC Primitive Data for making and posting tutorials for Fusion 360. Please check them out if your team needs help navigating this software!

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