Sponsor Highlight—Sommet Strategies

Every month we’d like to highlight one of our sponsors. This month we highlight Sommet Strategies!


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Sommet Strategies will work with you as an outsourced CFO team to make sure your business is ready to grow and thrive!

We are so thankful the people at Sommet Strategies recognize the importance of a STEM education through FIRST by supporting Sensational 7 Robotics!

Raised Chassis Challenge

This week our challenge was to design the best way to raise our existing chassis by 20% in order to drive over obstacles. We broke into two teams, sketched our design on paper and presented it to our coaches. We then took ideas from both teams to design a whole new, raised chassis.

Our design team took to Autodesk Fusion 360, our CAD program, and started sketching our new design.

The programming broke off and practiced Java programming. We are learning a lot this summer!

Robotics Challenge #1

This summer our coaches are presenting us with mini-challenges to stretch our brains and get us to “think on paper”. Hopefully this will help us create an awesome engineering notebook for the Freight Frenzy season.

Our challenge: Create a structure that will hold a wiffle ball and write and/or draw instructions for someone who is building it in another location.

Group 1
Group 2

The hardest part of this challenge was writing instructions detailed enough for someone to follow. We learned how important it is to be detailed, neat, organized, and thorough when writing instructions. We found we had an easier time telling and showing how to do something, but explaining in writing was quite difficult. We hope to improve this skill this summer because clear written explanations are an important part of our engineering notebook.

Back at it again…finally!

After our very successful workshops last summer, the Covid-19 numbers skyrocketed across the country. We decided to put robotics meetings on hold and focus on learning Fusion 360 and Java programming independently.

One year later, we are ready to get the team back together again. A few of our team members have moved on to other adventures, but we have added a new member who we are excited to work with!

The build team spent our first meeting re-familiarizing themselves with the Tetrix parts by building a push bot.

Build Team

The programming team worked on completing simple programming challenges by writing code in block coding. They were able to program the robot to navigate an obstacles using distance sensors.

Programming Team

Workshop Fun!

We, the Sensational 7!, had big plans this summer to host workshops for local kids, but like the rest of the world, we had do adapt. How did we adapt, you ask? Hosted a workshop for our siblings of course!! We got to share our love of robotics with people we were already quarantining with! Win-win!!

Our first day we worked on driving. The kids had a blast with this workshop. They got to play a quiz game to learn controls of the robot, then they played a few driving games including building obstacle courses for each other.

The next workshop took was all about building! The kids learned all about motors, tools, and various components of the robot.

They split up into teams and each team did a great job! By the end of the workshop, the kids had two functional robots built.

Finally, the kids learned about the “brains” of robotics…programming. S7 team members gave a presentation on various languages including Java and Blockly. The kids programmed the robots they built at the previous workshop using blockly.

The programs worked!!

There were definitely a few future FIRST team members in this group!!