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First League Meet

After a long wait, the Sensational Seven is ready to take on the west Houston league. But first, tragedy struck on Thursday, our scissor lift broke. Scrambling for a solution, we decided to opt with our backup 4-bar lift design that we had in Autodesk Fusion 360 ready to be built by the next competition. Instead of waiting, we went ahead and built the 4-bar lift in a time span of 8 hours the day before the competition. When we arrived, there was doubt that any team would be able to complete a circuit at the first meet. We not only completed a circuit in our third match, but we were the only team to complete a circuit the entire competition. Our revamped arm-lift design worked excellently. overall we had an amazing time, and it was a great on-ramp to the competition season. Big thank you to Hogg Middle School for hosting the competition.

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Football meets robotics in an epic up-cycling adventure!

Inspired by grippy gloves as seen in the World Cup and our coach’s supply of football gear, we cut up football gloves to help our claw grip the cones.
Designing different ideas in the very real case that one of our parts might not work.
Because the scissor lift is slow and wobbly, we are designing an alternative double 4 bar lift solution in Autodesk Fusion.
Finishing the wiring for the scissor lift so our programmer can get started.
Hard at work programming controllers and updating FTC SDK and Roadrunner
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2022-2023 Game Release Day!

Our new team of nine met to watch the new game video for Power Play, and we immediately started brainstorming ideas. Our build team already designed a couple of ideas in Fusion 360.

Our programming team started making a priorities list and planning the programming flow chart that will be the bones of our autonomous program.

We are excited about this challenge and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!