Meet the Team

Here they are! The Sensational 7 Robotics team…

Aiden Quinton

Age: 17 Grade: 11th

This is my fifth year as a Sensational Seven member. This is my fourth year as team captain. I am also design lead and a main driver at competition. I also occasionally help with building and maintain the engineering notebook. I hope to use the information I learn with robotics to someday get a job in the STEM field. My dream is to work for NASA or SpaceX.

Ethan Quinton

Age: 15 Grade: 9th

This is my 5th year on the Sensational Seven, and I also participated in VEX IQ for one year Our VEX IQ team won the world championship that year! I am a team captain and lead builder. I think FIRST will help me in the future by giving me opportunities to work with different kinds of people. Also, robotics gives you many opportunities to problem solve. I hope to be a project manager and a realtor someday.

Brody Quinton

Age: 12 Grade: 7th

This is my second year on the Sensational 7. I am part of the design team and the build team. I am also a very good driver at competitions. I would love to be a Lego designer after college.

Jack Jones

Age: 16 Grade: 11th

I have been a part of our team for 5 years now. As the lead programmer, my work involves using code to solve the problems of each season while keeping it maintainable and accessible. I also dabble in other fields of the process such as robot design and outreach. I hope to use the leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills that I learn here throughout my whole life and to their fullest extent.

John Patrick Pixton

Age: 18 Grade: 12th

This is my first robotics season as a highschooler. I’ve done robotics before in VEX, and qualified for the World Championships twice, winning our team’s rookie year. I love all things STEM and am very interested in being an entrepreneur. I’m really excited for this FIRST Tech Challenge Season!

Michael Pixton

Age: 16 Grade: 10th

This is my first year on the Sensational Seven team, but I have participated in robotics for 2 years through another organization. Both of those years we participated in the world championship winning worlds our first year. I am in charge of designing and 3D printing anything we need. I am also part of the build team.

Eden Stravitsch

Age: 15 Grade: 9th

This is my first year in robotics. I enjoy building and coding I would like a job that has to do with space when I grow up.

Grant Eberle

Age: 13 Grade: 8th

This is my first year in Robotics, and I’m in 8th grade and 13 years old. I love to work on Fusion 360 and code. I spent my time doing coding on Scratch, Needlepoint, etc.. I hope to learn Java this summer and eventually code the autonomous part of the robot. I hope to be on this robotics team for many years! I recently was promoted to website manager too!

Matthew Hannah

Age:15 Grade: 9th

This is my first year in robotics and as a member of the Sensational Seven. I enjoy coding and building and I’m mostly doing robotics for fun. I’m looking forward to the season.