Our Mission

The Sensational Seven cannot be contained.

We are the Sensational Seven, a team that faces many challenges. As a homeschool team, obstacles present themselves as a lack of resources. As a FIRST team, more is demanded from us than a normal robotics team. Despite what comes, we still burst through these walls, pushing the boundaries of a robotics team and allowing our experience to benefit many.

From the ground up…

Our team is fundamentally homeschooled. Because of this, we lack the resources that a school can provide, leading to many limitations that not many other teams have to deal with. Usually, the various schedules of our members only allow us to meet weekly, as opposed to school teams who can meet every day. We don’t have much guaranteed funding, unless parents are willing to drill a hole through their wallets. These limitations could have been detrimental to our team’s survival, if we hadn’t found ways to work around and with them. We actively seek potential sponsors, to provide funding and make our name known. Our lack of meeting time has inspired initiative in many of our team members, causing us to often exceed expectations. We work hard to have a solid foundation for the team, and we’re still thriving today in spite of, and perhaps because of, our limitations.


FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics organization, but it is also much more. FIRST goes out of its way to promote values of communication, innovation, and Gracious Professionalism. Teams must communicate with one another to maintain focus and weaponize their talents, with other teams to learn from each other and approach a problem from many angles, and with the world to promote FIRST and inspire others. Teams must always be willing to innovate by truly understanding the core of a problem, by recognizing that no idea is stupid, and by trying many things and going through many iterations to arrive at the best solution. Most importantly, teams absolutely must hold dear the value of gracious professionalism, by being the fiercest competitor and the most caring friend in the league, and recognizing that competition and mutual benefit are not exclusive. The many values that are vital to the success of a FIRST team demand diverse skills and hard work. This may multiply the effort a FIRST team must exercise to be successful. But because of these values and all the hard work, the reward is much higher, and participants have meaningful values that they can use throughout their entire life

Unstoppable Inspiration

A great experience of growth cannot survive if it is contained. This is what we at the Sensational Seven believe. Thus, it is our mission to let what we’ve learned burst forth into the world, for the benefit of many. We make a constant effort to allow others to gain real experience of the robotics industry, and to live the values that we live as a FIRST team. We host workshops to teach young children the robotics skills that we’ve been taught, and to show them the importance of communication, innovation, and Gracious Professionalism. We present what we do to real companies, and find mutual benefit. We refuse to contain what we’ve learned, instead allowing it to expand to the world, and grow further in ourselves and everyone else

We continue to burst through.

Despite many obstacles, we continue to prove ourselves at every turn. Being a homeschool team, we have many unique limitations, leading to many unique solutions. As a FIRST team, because of hard work and meaningful values, we are provided a catalyst for growth. Our inspiration knows no bounds. It bursts through the walls of the team and expands into the world. The Sensational Seven cannot be contained.

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