Power Play 2022-2023

Check out the video for this year’s competition! We had a fun time competing in the Power Play challenge!

We had our best season in the history of our team this year! We met our financial goals of finding companies to sponsor us this year and even won a Gene Haas Foundation grant again! We also went above and beyond our goal as a team this year, (our goal being) going to regions and placing in top 17! We placed 8th after the 44 qualification matches had been played and had a high score of 177 with team 12857, Phantom. We also bought are first 3-D printer this year, and have printed many useful things (including a tiny monopoly battleship token as a test!). Pictures of 3-D printed things at bottom of post.


  • 2nd Place Inspire Award

We are all very proud of our engineering portfolio and all the hours we’ve poured into it! Check it out:

Our king coder, Jack, suggested to make bingo cards for regions and our team member, Grant, suggested to give out sodas for anyone who got a bingo (while supplies lasts). We really liked the idea and carried out with it. We found it got our name out there this year at regionals. A big pickle was on one of the squares and the snack bar sold out of them 3/4 though the competition!!! Check the bingo card out:

Big thanks to the Pixton parents, for all the photos they took this year! Have fun looking at them!

Here’s are 3-D printed materials we made this year:

Big thanks to all of our sponsors this year! Without them we wouldn’t be the team we are without them. Big thanks to the big grant from the Gene Hass Foundation!!!