The Team

Here they are! The Sensational 7 Robotics team…

Aiden Quinton

Age: 16 Grade: 10th

This is my fourth year as a Sensational Seven member. My main role on our team is programming, but I also occasionally help with building and maintain the engineering notebook. I hope to use the information I learn with robotics to someday get a job in the STEM field. My dream is to work for NASA or SpaceX.

Jack Jones

Age: 15 Grade: 10th

I have been a part of our team for four years now. On the team, I help with the programming and share robot designs that I think would help with the current competition, and sometimes I operate AutoDesk Fusion 360, the CAD program we use. I hope to implement the things I learn on the team to enrich my problem-solving and programming skills.

Ian Zimmermann

Age: 15 Grade: 10th

This is my fourth year on the Sensational Seven team. I take part in a lot of the jobs on the team and like doing everything, but my main role is designing. I love using and learning AutoDesk Fusion 360. I thoroughly enjoy being on this team and being part of robotics. I am a giant book nerd and I love pets.

Ethan Quinton

Age: 14 Grade: 8th

This is my fourth year on the Sensational Seven, and I also participated in VEX IQ for one year Our VEX IQ team won the world championship that year! My main role on the team is building and driving. I think FIRST will help me in the future by giving me opportunities to work with different kids of people. Also, robotics gives you many opportunities to problem solve. I hope to be a architect and a designer someday.

Brody Quinton

Age: 11 Grade: 6th

This is my first year as a Sensational Seven team member. My primary role on the team is a builder. I think being a part of FIRST will help me learn how to work, communicate, and create different things with other people. My goal is to be some kind of engineer when I grow up.